Cannabis for First Time Users

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Source: Vox

Weed can be a mind-altering component when consumed for the first time. Each human being is different and cannabis can affect different people in different ways. If it makes you high, everything around you will feel funny and weird. In this state, you feel increased sensitivity to light, sound and physical touch. Here are some basic considerations when it comes to weed for first-time users. 

Know the Effects

The effects of weed depend on the type you try, the amount you consume and the method you use to consume it. There are two major strains of cannabis – Sativa and Indica and both have their unique effect on the person taking it. While Indica tends to make the person feel sleepy and get a body-high, it is great for anxiety, pain and insomnia. Sativa is likely to cause a cerebral high and this strain keeps you energized, creative and active. 
The effects of weed can be experienced on physical, mental as well as emotional level. Being aware of this is essential to be prepared for whatever is going to happen. The effects can vary to a great extent depending on how much you consume, the strain you use and the method of consumption. You can purchase weed from various legit dispensaries like to get the strain of your choice. 

How Much Should You Have?

The quantity of weed one should consume varies for each individual. For first-time users, this amount should be kept low. For instance, if you are smoking or vaping, being with one puff and observe how you feel. You can take another small puff after 20 minutes if you want to maximize the effects. 
For edibles, it can take longer for effects to be experienced. You can start with half a brownie and wait for an hour or so to see whether you need to take more. Make sure you take it slow as edibles create stronger effect. In short, it is just about what makes you comfortable and the amount of high you would want to feel. Just make sure you don’t take too much at once. Start slowly and increase the dose if you feel necessary. Also, ensure you check for the quality and legitimacy of the vendor and product when you buy weed online for the first time.

Ways to Consume

The method you choose to consume weed depends entirely on your own personal preferences. 


Using a vaporizer is one of the most modern techniques of consuming weed. In this method, the high is not very intense and is shorter. This method lets you enjoy the medicinal benefits of marijuana without wasting the THC component. Moreover, it is healthier for your lungs as smoke does not get inside. 


Some people choose to take cannabis in the form of a tasty cookie or brownie. In this way, the marijuana gets into the bloodstream through one’s digestive system and can take an hour to feel the effects. You feel fuzzy, warm feeling throughout the body once it is digested. You can shop weed online in the form of different products to suit your preferences. 


This is the most popular way of consuming cannabis, particularly for first-time users. You can use bong, blunt, joint, bowl, vape and other devices to smoke cannabis. For first-time users, a blunt or joint is the simplest way to smoke. Rolling can be difficult while vapes can be expensive. 

These tips should help first-time users make their experience enjoyable. Remember to be safe by taking it slow!